NOTICE: This has nothing to do with Trump. He simply exacerbated the underlying issue by adding visibility.
he lost - in fact, twice. 🀐
This is about the future of the USA.



There have been 4 more controversialπŸ”— elections in the last 20 years, than in the previous 200 years.

fix the Federal Election Commission

Is a chart with technological advances really necessary?
Sure, ok, everyone likes a good chart.

Adding this type of metric is tricky because of the vastly different scales. Obviously, they weren't processing genomes in 1850, but you get the point...πŸ˜‰

☝️ The genome data actually starts in 2001.

So while the cost and sheer ability for counting massively complex things - such as DNA - has improved astronomically...

...disputes related to simply counting votes has increased at a astonishingly similar astronomical rate!

β›” So... now what?

Clearly our counting prowess has increased astronomically.

So what's wrong?

πŸ’‘ The security and quality of these voting systems is second rate.

Their administration and oversight is sophomoric.

To sum it up.


How do we know this?

We received and audited a live voting system forensics image. Suffice it to say that the "wasn't connected to the internet" narrative is not only false, but that the system is horribly insecure, allowing vote counts to be remotely altered directly in the database.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

For the technical, here is booting the system and remotely logging into SQL Server to alter the vote count. 😒

Contact us for the full system security scans.

‍πŸ₯± Ehh,
so what.

It's only software.

They'll figure out the bugs.

You know, you're absolutely right.

They will figure it out.🐼

Please contact your congress people to demand

a review and restructure of the FEC.


Sharing is Caring πŸ˜€

fix the Federal Election Commission

And as usual, here's the data.

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